Energy Management Load management and optimisation of production processes

Energy Management

Who needs an energy management system (EnMS)?

Essentially, every company that consumes a certain amount of power and has a large number of different loads and processes benefits from the introduction of an energy management system  per ISO 50001.

The system  behind this ensures sustainable targeted measures for the reduction of energy costs. Furthermore, an EnMS per ISO 50001 will also become an increasingly significant marketing instrument for the presentation of a green and environmentally aware company philosophy in the future.

Peak load management and grid fees

A further important aspect for cost reduction, which can be pursued with an energy data management system, is the control and reduction of peak loads. Electricity supply companies calculate grid fees on the basis of the maximum load measured within a quarter of an hour. This value then applies under certain circumstances for the entire year. However, it may be that this value was simply arbitrary or coincidental. It is frequently the case that the actual “troublemakers”, responsible for the generation of peak loads, are not immediately discernible.

Only those companies who create transparency regarding the load curves of their significant loads will be able to actively counter these. This can take place through the targeted switching off of loads, through the switching on of their own generators or – where this is not possible for process reasons – with time-delayed switch-on processes or the shutting down of unimportant processes.

Load management and optimisation of production processes

It is not only peak loads that increase energy costs. Investigations into large production operations have shown that even during shift-free periods and idle phases, depending on the process, annual power consumptions of multiple gigawatt hours can arise per site!

A fine-meshed network of measurement points within the production structures in conjunction with modern PLC controllers and production control systems enable automated optimisation in real-time at high level. Monitoring devices and systems are suitable for this task due to their open communication interfaces, the high sampling rate and accuracy of measurement.

Load management and purchasing electricity

Anyone who knows their load curves and buys electricity on the spot market is naturally able to do so with pinpoint accuracy, with precise knowledge of their volatile demand due to their load profiles.