GRID STUDIES Network calculations or simulations save time and money


A power calculation is necessary when new networks are created or certain installations as well as consumers must be integrated into existing networks. A reliable assessment of the utilization of the network due to the insufficient data situation is often not possible in existing networks.

To avoid this, we design a simulation of the entire network by means of an extensive inventory, documentation evaluation and various measurement analyses. Here, all components are represented and produced across manufacturers with their technical data (such as settings of the circuit-breaker). In this way, a clear representation of the entire network structure – from medium  to high-voltage level on the transformers to the distribution of the low-voltage level- is created.

Network calculations or simulations save time and money. Computer models are able to analyze potential problems and the proper operation of a power supply network, including the connected consumers and their system perturbations. Suitable measures to improve the power quality are already considered in the planning phase.

Grid simulations are helpful even with existing power grids. For example they support the reliable planning and predictive interpretation of measures to improve power quality. They also accelerate the analysis of complex problems.

The simulations used following calculations as a basis:            

Load flow analysis: resources utilization, and voltage drop analysis
Short circuit current calculation: short circuit withstand current, and circuit protection test
Selectivity calculations and certificates

The grid simulations of ERKE Power Quality  help with:

Planned new facilities and installations
Plant expansions / modernizations
Planning of new consumers
Cause analysis of detected grid problems
Comparisons of planned grid solutions