Erke Power Quality Concept ERKE-PQ is a full-service provider of high quality systems and components for Power Quality problems.


The problem of POWER QUALITY (grid quality) is gaining more and more ground due to the increased use of power electronics (converter technology etc.). But decentralized power generation and integration of renewable energies in the existing infrastructure present a major challenge to the grid quality.

ERKE-PQ is a full-service provider of high quality systems and components for Power Quality problems.

We offer  you complete systems from a single source to optimize your power network and  improve your power quality with active and passive harmonic filters, dynamic power factor correction systems and network analysers.

To ensure maximum quality and efficiency, we will guide you through the entire process. We offer you complete grid analyses and the complete solution from one source – on the basis of the “ERKE Power Quality Concept” and the experience of over 20  years in the field of grid quality.

“ERKE Power Quality Concept” consists of following steps:

Net analyses & Consulting     Assessment / Budgeting & Amortisation      Application      After Sales Service

Net Analyses & Consulting

We analyses your low and medium-voltage grid with the help of modern methods and high performance power quality analyzers  and document all the indications of disruption and feedback of the connected loads in an informative easy-to-understand report with solution proposal.  We will present detailed and transparent results to you and therefore provide you a neutral and objective basis for a decision.

Our measurement technique complies with the latest international standards, i.e. EN 61000-4-30, EN 61000-4-7 and EN 61000-4-15.


Based on the results of the grid analysis as well as our findings, we will identify the possible Power Quality solutions for you

Your advantage: You will get all services from one source – from analysis to installation and commissioning.


Application of ERKE Power Quality

For compensation systems, active and passive filters, conditioners and other solutions we rely on the products of experienced, well-known manufacturers. In the selection and design of the specific cases, however, we rely solely on our own expertise and the results of our power analysis. We offer you:

3-in-1 Monitoring (Energy Management/Power Quality/RCM Monitoring)

Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Harmonics Filter

Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction

Assessment / Budgeting & Amortisation

After results of the grid analysis as well as our findings, the next step will be an assessment about dimensioning and the possible Power Quality solutions for you – always from the point of view of “cost-benefit-return on investment” as well as your internal budget plan.

Well-known simulation software such as SINCAL supports this process.

After Sales Support

As we offer all services from one source our services do not end after the commissioning or implementation of a solution. We want to support you through the entire service life.

We will ensure an optimum service life of your Power Quality solution by means of regular maintenance measures which we would be glad to offer you as an option.