Power Quality Analysis Worlwide PQ Analyses with Modern Measurement Technic


By measuring of Power Quality and presenting data in a transparent way you get the proper basis for making correct decisions. Traditionally, most power quality measurements have consisted in direct fault searching and troubleshooting. Machinery breaks down, lights flash, robots stop, electronic devices stop working. With portable measurements one can often come close to the source of the disturbance and subsequently remedy any faults.

Measurements are the basis for troubleshooting, verification measurement or sustainable optimization of power quality. We check your power supply network for voltage fluctuations, reactive power, harmonic oscillations and other network disturbances. We uncover potential ways to optimize costs and detect potential disturbance factors.

Our measurements will help to recognize possible causes for problems early and avoid a costly failure in future. Understood as a maintenance procedure, a power quality analysis saves resources and ensures a long-term operation.

Continous Power Quality Monitoring & Energy Management Systems
However, many  industries and  utility companies  now work proactively with continuous power quality monitoring to detect sources of disturbance and error conditions in the network before the consequences are too far-reaching. They utilize power quality monitoring systems as an “early warning” system, for example to quickly detect intermittent ground faults before they become full-scale failures with downtime and costly production losses

Highly automated production systems, computer centres and systems with constant processes (e.g. food sector, cable fabrication, paper production) require a reliable power supply – often even high availability, i.e. an availability of at least 99.9%.

For example this request can be realized  only with permanent monitorıng of  power quality and residual current with  with corresponding integrated measuring equipment for energy management.


Professional, reliable measurements: In accordance with current safety standards and with known quality analyzers we measure all electrical values​ on site​.

Evaluation according to actual standards: Our reports are based on the current measuring DIN standards such as EN 50160 and EN 61000-2-x or IEEE519.

Detailed measurement reports: As a result of each measurement or analysis you receive a detailed protocol with the detected events.