Medıum Voltage Power Factor Correctıon Load management and optimisation of production processes

Medıum Voltage Power Factor Correctıon

Medium voltage power factor correction directly related to the technical management of transmission and distribution network. The majör benefits are:

  • Power Quality. Increase voltage profile in substation and at receiving ends.
  • Improving the operation cost of an installation. Decreasing reactive power demand and therefore reduction of apparent power with two highly important aspects:
  • Reducing losses
  • Increasing the performance of transformers and installation.

Power Quality, Voltage Level

There are two possible situations: Controlling voltage in substations and at receiving end of medium voltage distiribution lines.

  • Controlling voltage at substations

One of the most critical points in distribution of Electrical Energy is maintaining voltage at receiving end. The most usual criterion is maintaining medium voltage above its nominal value.

To achieve this medium voltage capacitor banksa re used. In fact, a voltage rise may appear by conecting capacitor banks at the point of connection.

  • Controlling voltage at the receiving end of distribution lines.

Voltage at receiving ends normally decrease because of very long length of conductors/cables. This is of importance in area of rural distribution of where consumers are widely dispersed.

If capacitors banksa re installed at the end of linet hat shall decrease voltage drop losses in conductors/cables.

Improving the operation cost of an installation

Generation, transmission and distribution of energy are responsible for a significant degree of energy losses.

These losses may be divided into:

  • Losses in generation station and MV/HV substations.
  • Losses in transmission system
  • Losses in distribution line

The best way of decreasing losses in an MV distribution lines is the installation of capacitor banks. By installing capacitor banks apparent and reactive power decreases in the system and accordingly active losses also reduce because of reduction in I2R losses.

Reduction in loading of lines and cables

The decrease in apparent power by connecting capacitors has the following immediate consequences:

  • The decrease of load to be distributed by system.
  • The increase of the supply capacity of transformers
  • The increase of voltage at the end of line.